Program Members Benefit from New Travelocity Function

Program Members Benefit from New Travelocity Function

Travelocity Business has announced an improved version of its agent desktop technology designed to help its agents deliver more efficient service to travelers. Based on feedback from Travelocity Business agents, the new version incorporates several new automatic functions into the offline environment that emulate processes that occur during an online booking, ensuring that corporations receive consistent service, regardless of whether a trip is booked online or through an agent.

Travelocity said that new benefits will include enhanced loyalty program tracking. Special enhancements to the desktop help ensure that a traveler’s loyalty IDs for air, car and hotel programs are integrated into their final itinerary for credit with key suppliers. The improved ID tracking also helps facilitate activities such as the pre-arrangement of car rentals, so that travelers can avoid waiting in lines at the rental counter.

Keep in mind, though, that some frequent flyer and frequent guest programs frown upon third-party booking sites like Travelocity, and will not award miles or points for bookings made through them. It’s best to check with your preferred programs before making such reservations.

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