US Airways Changes Visa Platinum Benefits

US Airways Changes Visa Platinum Benefits

As of June 1, Dividend Miles’ members will no longer earn 1.2 miles per dollar spent when using their Dividend Miles Visa Platinum card. That is certainly the most detrimental change, but not the only change.

The annual fee is being reduced from $125 to $90. If you have already paid your annual fee this year, you will receive a pro-rated credit in your June billing statement plus the bill for your new annual fee.

For those with purchases exceeding $25,000 in a calendar year, 10,000 miles will count toward elite status. Two companion tickets will now be awarded, as opposed to only one previously. As long as the member purchases a ticket of at least $350, two people can accompany the member for $99. There will be periodic award mileage reductions of at least 5,000 miles and exclusive online offers will be offered to cardholders twice a year. A complimentary US Airways Club pass will also be given as part of the package.

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