Munching For Miles

Munching For Miles

There are 75 million boxes of cereal out there just waiting for frequent flyers to snap them up and earn 100 AAdvantage miles per box. Don’t get too carried away though. You would have to work your way through 250 boxes of cereal to earn one domestic roundtrip. This does, however, represent approximately 25 miles per dollar spent. Forty-three product options are available with this promotion, up from 18 in 2000. Among the additions are: All-Bran products, Muselix, Smart Start, Nutri-Grain cereal bars, Nutri-Grain Twists, Nutri-Grain Squares, Pop-Tarts, Pastry Swirls and Eggo Waffles.

Mail the certificates in groups of five to: Kellogg’s American Dream Promotion, P.O. Box 185595, Battle Creek, MI 49018-5595. Stick on two first-class stamps. It is best to keep a photocopy of the certificates to make sure everything gets credited. If your miles have not credited within two months, call (800) 962-1413.

You may have to be very hungry to eat enough for a domestic ticket, but you have to be lucky to win 1 million miles. In addition to the 100 miles per box, Kellogg is giving away 1 million AAdvantage miles to five winners as part of an instant giveaway.

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