American Express Comes to AAdvantage

American Express Comes to AAdvantage

The launch of the Citi/AAdvantage American Express card will likely go a long way toward increasing the value that Citibank has as a partner to the AAdvantage program. We say that almost with a grin, because it is unlikely at this point that this new product means automatic entry for the AAdvantage program into the popular American Express Membership Rewards program. While hell is thawing out, there are good reasons for AAdvantage members to consider adding this card to their wallets. Actually, 15,000 of them — the card launch bonus offer in miles. It looks like the launch strategy of this new card is to replicate many, if not most, of the current mileage bonus offers with their popular MasterCard.

While information on the new card is rather sparse, there are a few things to be aware of: The bonus miles offer may not be extended to existing Citi/AAdvantage cardmembers (check this out first before accepting); there are calendar year limits of 60,000 miles that new cardmembers can earn unless you are an elite member of AAdvantage, in which case the limits disappear. For information, call (866) 451-2484.

One more thing to consider. We were not able to ascertain if this new American Express card will have the same special discount award offers that Citi currently offers members on a quarterly basis with their MasterCard. Please ask first, as we feel this is a huge benefit for the current card offering.

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