New Web Site Rates Rewards Cards

New Web Site Rates Rewards Cards

A new Web site has been launched, devoted to tips and information to consumers who want to learn more about rewards credit cards and how to choose the best one. is meant to be a resource for consumers who want information quickly on what the best credit cards are and what the latest new rewards programs are.

The site reviews every type of credit card out there, ranging from airline credit cards and small business credit cards to cash back credit cards. It features a list of the top three rewards cards, the top 15 gas credit cards, the top three cards with no balance transfer fee and zero percent APR, as well as the top 10 frequent flyer credit cards. offers tips, including extra ways to earn points for airline loyalty programs and ways to make purchases go further. Visitors of the site are free to post or email the Web site and share their rewards experiences with a rewards credit card or rewards program.

The site will launch a version 2.0 in January, featuring a credit card search engine that will be customized to consumers’ needs, a mobile launch to help people quickly find card benefits and promotions for using their cards while on a cell phone and on the go, as well as many other added features.

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