Marriott Rewards – December, 29 2005

Marriott Rewards – December, 29 2005

Do you know how close you are to getting that dream reward? If not, don’t panic; Marriott is sending some help your way in the form of the DreamRewards Tracker.

The DreamRewards Tracker is a Web-based tool that allows members to select and save their “dream rewards.” DreamRewards Tracker allows the user to monitor their points balance so that they can see how close they are to achieving a desired reward. The system runs on a simple theory that allows the member to select specific rewards and then monitors how close they are to attaining each reward.

Members can track everything from a round of golf to a free trip to Hawaii. The DreamRewards Tracker will show the member the points required for a specific reward then uses the member’s points balance to calculate how many points are outstanding before the award can be achieved.

The handy thing about the system is that a member can track more than one reward at a time. For instance, a member could select a trip to Universal Studios Hollywood or a three-night stay at a category seven hotel like the New York Marriott Marquis Times Square. The member can then see how close they are to each desired award by using the DreamRewards Tracker. The system is a simple way to keep track of your points balance all while keeping track of the rewards they are most interested in.

To start the process, just sign in to the DreamRewards Tracker. You must be a Marriott Rewards member to use the system, so if you’re not a member you can join online. To add hotel stay rewards, use the search tool on the DreamRewards Tracker page. You can add dream rewards by viewing the hotels in the search results. Other awards can be saved by browsing or searching more rewards or partner hotel rewards, and adding them from the reward detail screen. After you have selected your “dream rewards,” you can visit the DreamRewards Tracker to check your progress. To learn more about DreamRewards Tracker, or to get started, visit

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