Israel: EL AL Creates Pet Passport

Israel: EL AL Creates Pet Passport

EL AL has introduced the “EL AL Pet Passport” for furry friends who fly from the U.S. to Israel on EL AL. Pet passengers flying EL AL can benefit by earning frequent flyer points with the “EL AL Points for Pets” club.

The “EL AL Pet Passport” offer pet owners a opportunity to keep detailed records of their cat or dog. Pet owners flying EL AL can fill in the passport with details of the pet`s personality, recent vaccinations and other medical information. The passport includes an identification number and photo, owner information, dietary and grooming guidelines and a travel diary.

In 2001, EL AL launched the first-ever frequent flyer club for pets called “EL AL Points for Pets,” whereby dogs and cats earn frequent flyer points which can be accumulated and used for future travel on EL AL.

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