Aeroplan Miles for Online Surveys – December, 28 2005

Aeroplan Miles for Online Surveys – December, 28 2005

Aeroplan will pay members miles to participate in online panel surveys, following a new partnership deal with market research company Decima Research.

Aeroplan members will be invited to join Decima’s online research panel by means of an e-mail invitation, through notices in Aeroplan’s Tangerine member newsletter, and on the Aeroplan web site.

Members who participate will be asked to complete surveys and will earn varying amounts of miles as a direct reward for participation.

Members taking part in the survey panels can choose from a range of incentives offered by Decima, with miles being among the options.

Over the past year, Decima has conducted more than 1 million consumer interviews (of which 250,000 were done online). The arrangement with Aeroplan is expected to more than triple the size of Decima’s eVox online panel over the coming year, adding large cells of well-profiled consumer and business segments.

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