Langham Hotels Launches Planner Reward Program

Langham Hotels Launches Planner Reward Program

Langham Hotels International is launching a new rewards program, OUIDA, for the group’s partners who make reservations of room accommodations or banquets for their corporate travel and company functions at LHI hotels worldwide.

The OUIDA program recognizes and rewards personal assistants, secretaries, office administrators and travel arrangers who book business to LHI hotels. Under the program, members earn points through room reservations and banquet bookings at all participating hotels. These points can be redeemed for free stays, dining certificates, spa treatments or gift vouchers.

Membership is divided into two tiers based on the number of room nights booked — “OUIDA Crystal” and “OUIDA Sapphire.”

Participating hotels include Langham hotels in five gateway cities: London, Boston, Hong Kong, Melbourne and Auckland, together with Eaton Hotel, Hong Kong.

The program is named in honor of Ouida, the pen name of Marie Louise De La Ramme, a popular romantic English novelist who was born in 1839. Ouida took residence at The Langham in London at the age of 28 and lived an extravagant life for four years in the hotel, receiving her notable literary visitors while lying in bed and writing manuscripts by the light of scores of candles, surrounded by masses of purple flowers.

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