Broadway Goes the Extra Mile(s)

Broadway Goes the Extra Mile(s)

Points International, the folks who bring you the currency-exchange Web site, have gone Broadway.

A musical comedy production called Plane Crazy is rewarding theatergoers with miles from six U.S. airlines (Alaska, America West, Delta, Midwest, Northwest, and US Airways). Plane Crazy ticket holders will get a special mileage code certificate when they arrive at the show. They can then redeem that code through special Web site for 100 miles in the airline program of their choice.

Continental OnePass has long been involved with promotions in the past with Broadway, and the addition of this recent promotion certainly prove there is “drama” in the world of frequent flyer programs.

And by the way, According to Playbill, “The high-flying good old days — when flight attendants were called stewardesses and galley meals were made to order — soar again with Plane Crazy, the new musical about a time “when stews were sexy and the world was sexist.””

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