America West, US Airways Merge Programs

America West, US Airways Merge Programs

US Airways and America West, which have now completed the details of their merger, are consolidating their frequent flyer programs.

Starting this month, members of US Airways’ Dividend Miles and America West’s FlightFund can earn and redeem miles throughout the airlines’ routes.

In March of next year, the miles of both programs will be combined into a single Dividend Miles account.

The miles will not expire as long as an account remains open.

For those members who worry, rest assured that miles earned in either program will be combined not only for a single account purpose, but also combined to count toward elite status and requalification.

We do not expect any major changes to either program as they are combined. Not known yet is the fate of two special awards each program offers. FlightFund offers a special 750-mile award for only 15,000 miles, something that may prove to be too difficult to offer along the East Coast. Dividend Miles currently offers an off-peak award for only 20,000 miles. One of the these are likely to give.

Other changes will more likely include things to synch the rules of each program. We have noticed that each has a different set of fees for rebooking or changing awards, etc. Given how prevalent these are among all other programs, changes here would not be a hurdle for members who enjoy the increased value of their current miles.

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