Philippine Airlines Mabuhay Miles

Philippine Airlines Mabuhay Miles

Philippine Airlines Mabuhay Miles’ ever-popular Miles Plus Cash promotion is back. Mabuhay Miles members can combine their miles with cash for one-way award travel on select domestic routes from now until Nov. 30. Members can also combine cash with miles for roundtrip award travel on select international routes between Sept. 15 and Dec. 8.

Domestic one-way Fiesta “E” Class awards start at 2,000 miles plus $19 (PHP 1,000), or upgrade and obtain a domestic one-way Mabuhay “D” Class award for as little as 3,000 miles plus $37 (PHP 2,000).

International roundtrip Fiesta “E” Class awards start at 8,000 miles plus $100, and international roundtrip Mabuhay “D” Class awards start at 12,500 miles plus $250. Cash and miles combinations make award travel easy on both your wallet and your miles balance.

This offer is especially helpful to Mabuhay Miles members who want to redeem an award but are a little short in the miles department. To view a listing of eligible routes or to redeem Miles Plus Cash awards, visit and download an applicable Miles Plus Cash request form.

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