Delta: Free iPods to ShareBuilder Investors

Delta: Free iPods to ShareBuilder Investors

Delta and ShareBuilder have launched a promotion which gives SkyMiles members a free iPod shuffle for investing online in a new ShareBuilder account. In addition to being eligible to receive the iPod shuffle, SkyMiles members will earn 2,000 miles and Medallion members will earn 3,500 miles when opening and funding a new individual, joint, custodial, Education Savings Account or IRA account with ShareBuilder.

To qualify for the promotion, members must open a new ShareBuilder account with a valid SkyMiles member number by Nov. 15, and invest for a minimum of three consecutive months using the Standard or Advantage investing programs. The subscription fee for these two programs is $20/$12 per month.

There are several reasons why we can endorse this particular program: While most online brokers require a substantial account minimum deposit to start, ShareBuilder has no minimum requirement and does not charge inactivity fees.

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