Ten-Thousand Miles for Flying Blue Members

Ten-Thousand Miles for Flying Blue Members

Following the launch of its daily service from Detroit to Paris, Air France is offering up to 10,000 bonus miles for members of Flying Blue for every roundtrip from Detroit to Paris until Sept. 30. Additional bonus miles are also being offered to elite members: Silver members earn 50 percent more, while Gold members earn 75 percent more, and Platinum members earn 100 percent more.

Companies enrolled in the VoyageurRewards business rewards program will get an economy-class ticket when a member employee flies roundtrip in l’Espace Affaires (Business Class) between Detroit and Paris, or on to another European destination until Sept. 15.

Members can also earn another 2,000 bonus miles when they make a roundtrip with Air France partner Northwest to or from Detroit, anywhere within the U.S.

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