Hits 4 Millionth Post Hits 4 Millionth Post reinforced its position as the world’s most popular frequent flyer community recently as it logged its 4,000,000th user post.

Introduced in May of 1998, FlyerTalk averages close to 1,000,000 visitors each month and has witnessed exponential growth during its seven-year existence. After achieving 1,000,000 posts in its first four years, FlyerTalk ( ) has seen that number quadruple in the past three years.

The credit for the phenomenal success of FlyerTalk goes to the members of that community and their readiness to share and help one another. It has become a model community of deep connections. FlyerTalk is a real-world community of people sharing their thoughts and opinions — unified around the themes of frequent flyer programs and travel, topics that are endlessly interesting and surprising.

According to, a site that tracks statistics for most of the world’s largest bulletin board Web sites, FlyerTalk is now the largest travel-related online community in the world in terms of total post count and posts per member. And ranks FlyerTalk in the top 5,000 most visited sites on the Internet.

Currently, nearly 5,000 posts are added to FlyerTalk on average each day — a 58-percent increase from one year ago. At its current rate of growth, FlyerTalk should achieve its 5-millionth post near the end of this year, or early in 2006.

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