Amex Issues New Aeroplan Corporate Card

Amex Issues New Aeroplan Corporate Card

When American Express bought its way into a chunk of Aeroplan’s business two years ago, industry watchers expected options to open up for Canadians. And it seems they have.

Just recently, Amex Bank of Canada and Aeroplan announced the launch of a premium platinum Corporate Card that rewards both companies and their employees for business spending.

The new American Express AeroplanPlus Corporate Platinum Card is designed to give traveling employees access to Air Canada’s Maple Leaf Lounges and the opportunity to earn Aeroplan Miles faster as well as offer small and medium sized companies annual cash rebates and travel benefits.

For an annual fee of CA $350, companies are able to provide employee Cardmembers with access to 18 Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounges and Arrivals Lounges — a perk that even the most disgruntled Aeroplan member relishes.

Companies are also able to give employees the opportunity to earn Aeroplan miles at an enhanced level. Employees will receive 1 mile for virtually every dollar of purchases charged to their card. They can also earn miles faster by enrolling in an upgrade program for an additional annual fee. Cardmembers can earn 1.25 miles for virtually every dollar spent on purchases charged to the card up to $25,000, and 1.5 miles on purchases over $25,000.

In addition, companies will receive up to 4 percent cash back on eligible Air Canada travel purchases on the card. They can also get up to 5 percent cash back each year on travel and everyday business expenses purchased on the card with partners like Budget, Corporate Express, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, Park ‘N Fly and Marriott Hotels of Canada.

For further information or to apply for the American Express AeroplanPlus Corporate Platinum Card, call 1-866-433-7217.

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