America West Flexes … Its Awards, That Is

America West Flexes … Its Awards, That Is

America West FlightFund is playing some name games, and offering members a little more flexibility in the process.

Members may have noticed that the two types off FlightFund awards, “Value” and “Top Value,” have now become “Mileage Saver” and “Any Seat” awards. The names more accurately reflect the fact that some awards are “cheaper” but less flexible, and others require more miles, but can overcome capacity controls. (In related news, a certain fiery place of eternal punishment reported heavy snow on hearing the news that marketing executives had resorted to more realistic labeling.)

Names aside, though, the program has in fact increased flexibility for members, by allowing them to piece together roundtrip awards from restricted and unrestricted segments, or by using different classes of servce.

Thus, if the return leg of a roundtrip award in coach was unavailable, the member could opt to spend the miles on a one-way first-class award, or on an “Any Seat” award.

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