Programs at a Glance – Air Malta Flypass

Programs at a Glance – Air Malta Flypass

* One mile per mile flown
* Minimum
– 500 miles
* Class-of-Service Bonus
– Discount Economy (50%)
– Lower Economy (100%)
– Full Economy (200%)
– Business Class (300%)

* Flight
– Athens, Catania, Rome, Palermo, Tripoli, Tunis (Business Class Upgrade: 5,000 miles, Take Of Economy: 5,000 miles, Standard Economy Award: 20,000 miles, Standard Business Award: 45,000 miles)
– Barcelona, Bucharest, Budapest, Geneva, Istanbul, Lyons, Marseille, Milan, Munich, Sofia, Zurich (Business Class Upgrade: 7,000 miles, Take Of Economy: 7,000 miles, Standard Economy Award: 30,000 miles, Standard Business Award: 50,000 miles)
– Frankfurt, Larnaca, Madrid, Prague, Vienna (Business Class Upgrade: 8,000 miles, Take Of Economy: 10,000 miles, Standard Economy Award: 40,000 miles, Standard Business Award: 70,000 miles)
– Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Cairo, Casablanca, Dusseldorf, London Gatwick, London Heathrow and London Stansted, Lisbon, Paris Orly Business Class Upgrade: 10,000 miles, Take Of Economy: 12,500 miles, Standard Economy Award: 50,000 miles, Standard Business Award: 85,000 miles)
– Birmingham, Dublin, Glasgow, Manchester, Cork (Business Class Upgrade: 12,000 miles, Take Of Economy: 15,000 miles, Standard Economy Award: 60,000 miles, Standard Business Award: 90,000 miles)
– Moscow, Oslo, Stockholm, St. Petersburg (Business Class Upgrade: 15,000 miles, Take Of Economy: 17,000 miles, Standard Economy Award: 70,000 miles, Standard Business Award: 95,000 miles)

* Hotel
– Kempinski Hotels and Resorts, Radisson Edwardian, Radisson SAS, Island Hotels, Hilton Malta, Golden Tulip, Crowne Plaza, Corinthia Hotels International (Generally 500 miles per stay, or mileage is based on the amount of currency spent on accommodations)
* Car rental
– Sixt (500 miles per rental), Budget (20 Airpoints per rental)
* Credit card
– BOV Flypass Visa (Earn 500 miles per Lm200 spent per month)
* Telecommunications
– Go Mobile (Convert 30 Go Mobile points into 100 miles)
* Other
– Dining Partners: Coastline Restaurant, Coastline Pizzeria, Sienja Pizzeria, Ir-Razzet, Pegasus Bar & Brasserie, The Phoenix, Chez Amand, Carruba, Tal-Familja, Jakarta, Panorama, Bacchus, The Medina, Lord Nelson, Grotto Tavern, Big Blue Bar and Restaurant, Copperfield’s Restaurant, Divino, Four Seasons, Pizza Place, Blue Elephant, Bay View, Bottega Del Vino, Fra Martino, Gazebo, Kontiki, Ir-Rokna, Le Bistro, Le Petillant, Lulu’, Marco Polo, Mez, Oceana, Tapa Tapa, The Mongolian Barbeque, Vinotheque , Al Fresco, Carissa Bar, Eastern Breeze, Harruba, Soprano, and The Lobby Bar (earn 10-30 miles per qualified dine)

* Temporary (Upon Registration)
– Priority on waitlists, access to exclusive Flypass offers.
* Permanent (10,000 miles)
– Priority on waitlist, guaranteed reservations, infants travel free policy, excess luggage allowance-10kg, use of airport business class facilities, and access to exclusive Flypass offers.
* Diamond (35,000 miles)
– Priority on waitlist, guaranteed reservations, infants travel free policy, excess luggage allowance-20kg, use of airport business class facilities, access to exclusive Flypass offers, partner business class upgrades.

* Account transfer/pooling
– Not Available.
* Mileage/point purchase
– Temporary members may purchase a maximum of 20,000 miles in a 12-month period, Permanent members may purchase a maximum of 40,000 miles in a 12-month period, and Diamond members may purchase a maximum of 60,000 miles in a 12-month period.
* Expiration
– Miles are valid for four full years.
* Award transfers
– Not Available.

COMMENTS Air Malta Flypass is not an overly complicated program loaded with hidden rules and red tape. It is what it is: a small, straightforward plan for a small, straightforward carrier.

That said, Air Malta does shake things up a little by offering a program called KManager, which gives corporations and other organizations the chance to earn miles. Many other programs only allow personal memberships and will not award miles to an entity such as a corporation; this can be a fairly lucrative proposition for organizations that conduct a large volume of business travel in the area. The KManager program also has three tiers (Start-Up, Achiever, and Platinum) and each tier has its own distinct portfolio and benefits.

Flypass miles expire after four years allowing members time to save for a desired award. Members can purchase miles to top-off their accounts, and even members of the lowest tier can still purchase up to 20,000 miles annually, which is enough for an award ticket to certain destinations. Air Malta Flypass offers many of the basic benefits associated with larger programs and sets itself apart by offering features like KManager.

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