Staying United

Staying United

Since we’re on a roll with advice for the fragile airline industry, we’ll go head and calm the nerves of the millions of members of the United Mileage Plus program.

We’ve worried for you, and gotten you this far, and we’re ready to go the final mile and risk our reputation. Despite the failing efforts to emerge from bankruptcy after two years, and the current and pending crisis show-down with present and past employees regarding pensions and contracts (we’re mileage guys only, no comments available regarding these other two topics and United Airlines), we fully expect your miles and awards will remain as robust as they have been. We do not expect any action to cut back on award seat availability or other cuts designed to make the program any less attractive than it is right now. The airline does have its problems, but if you continue to follow our advice it will not be a problem for your miles.

P.S. This same advice goes for Delta SkyMiles members. Earn miles, save miles, spend miles-the past is still the present in terms of our advice for you.

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