Toyota Dealers Tell Customers to "Take Off"

Toyota Dealers Tell Customers to "Take Off"

Thirty-five Toyota dealers in Texas are rewarding their service customers with frequent flyer miles.

“The frequent flyer mile is the world’s second most popular currency,” said Mike Covault, Marketing Manager for Gulf States Toyota, the distributor for the region. “Offering frequent flyer miles gives our customers additional value and helps us to generate new business while rewarding our loyal service customers.”

The program, developed and managed by DealerMiles, gives dealerships the ability to award frequent flyer miles to their customers in 100, 250, 500, 1,000 and 5,000-mile increments.

Most dealers award miles in service, and some also for vehicle purchases, financing, and even warranties. Consumers can redeem the miles on American, Continental, Delta, Northwest, United, Hawaiian, Alaska, and US Airways.

DealerMiles seems to be exactly the kind of program frequent flyers are looking for.

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