America West Offers Australia Award

America West Offers Australia Award

Ever wanted to see water go down the drain clockwise? Until recently, it was only a dream for low-cost flyers in North America. But now America West FlightFund has announced an expansion to FlightFund that can get members to the Southern Hemisphere – specifically, to Sydney, Australia – for 100,000 miles.

FlightFund customers can apply their miles for travel from any city America West serves to Sydney, connecting via Hawaii on partner Hawaiian Airlines.

Travis Christ, vice president, marketing for America West points out that America West is the only low-fare carrier with a frequent flyer program that offers redemption worldwide to all of its members.” In a sense, he’s right. Competitor AirTran also offers worldwide travel for 100 credits, but does so by essentially buying the ticket from another airline. America West is the first low-cost carrier to leverage its partnerships to get customers across the ocean.

Not surprisingly, the 100,000-mile level is subject to some limitations. Members can get around those, of course, by doubling the cost.

Is it the best deal going? Not quite. A United Mileage Plus Saver Award to Australia, for example, runs just 60,000 miles.

But it’s a start, and a welcome one to budget-minded members.

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