Poll: Rich Reap More Rewards

Poll: Rich Reap More Rewards

Seventy percent of high-income earners ($125,000 +) are more loyal to companies that offer rewards programs, according to a new Maritz Poll released today by Maritz Loyalty Marketing.

The poll indicated that with more disposable income and therefore more opportunity to earn rewards, high-income earners are diligent about finding the program that best suits their needs and taking full advantage of the rewards offered.

When it comes to redeeming those rewards, more high-income earners prefer to receive cash back (70 percent), than free travel (62 percent). Half have “re-gifted” their rewards to others.

Nearly 90 percent have been enrolled in a rewards program for two years or more compared to 69 percent of all survey respondents.

Ninety-five percent have redeemed points for a reward versus 79 percent of all survey respondents.

“High-income earners are savvy consumers,” said Gail Sneed, market development director at Maritz Loyalty Marketing. “It’s an interesting paradox that they prefer rewards that save them money when they have the household income to obtain these basic items and could easily build up points for free travel instead. Companies must realize that rewards can make or break a high-income individual’s decision to begin or maintain a relationship with a company,” said Sneed.

Forty-five percent of high-income individuals are enrolled in multiple credit card programs and currently 41 percent of this demographic group receives credit cards through their main bank. Sixty-four percent of high-income earners would increase business with their main bank if they were rewarded for doing so, representing a huge opportunity for banks to cross-sell their products to customers by offering a bank-wide reward incentive.

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