Miles Helped Form a Mega-Star

Miles Helped Form a Mega-Star

Long before ABC’s spy-girl thriller “Alias” made her one of Hollywood’s favorite female hotties, actress Jennifer Garner was literally enjoying the high life even though her family made a modest living in her hometown of Charleston, W. Va.

The recent Screen Actors Guild award nominee told USA Today that thanks to her father’s savvy use of frequent flyer miles, the Garner family could afford to take trips to the Louvre in Paris to study its incomparable works. “Dad wanted us to know the arts,” she told a reporter. She didn’t mention whether she now knows the art of earning and burning, but with her current jet-set schedule (trips to promote the upcoming movie “Elektra” are heaping onto her TV-related itinerary), we certainly hope she does.

Attention Jennifer Garner’s personal assistant: Why not ask that membership with AwardPlanner, a travel service that handles all those miles and points headaches for you, be added as a rider in her contracts?

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