British Airways Breaks New Ground on FlyerTalk

British Airways Breaks New Ground on FlyerTalk

British Airways has become the first airline frequent flyer program in the world to formally establish a customer service outpost for members of its Executive Club frequent flyer program on While several hotel guest programs have established customer service outposts on FlyerTalk, this is the first formal capacity by an airline frequent flyer program.

Lyndsay Meldrum from British Airways will assist BA customers on FlyerTalk by answering queries on Executive Club membership, benefits and promotions. FlyerTalk members can also email Lyndsay at her FlyerTalk address (BA Executive Club) for confidential advice on their Executive Club membership.

Lyndsay has worked within British Airways Executive Club since 1991, when she joined as a Customer Service Executive handling incoming telephone calls and correspondence from members.

During the past 13 years, Lyndsay has been involved in setting up the current UK Executive Club Service Centre, recruiting and training new staff. She has experienced the many changes to the Executive Club over the years, and has been involved in numerous marketing campaigns. She worked for a time in the Executive Club lounges at Heathrow helping members with queries, and has attended events where she’s been able to meet many members in person to talk about their experiences. She is a key member of the Executive Club team within BA providing assistance with Executive Club queries. Lyndsay is based in the United Kingdom and is in close contact with the teams that look after Executive Club members worldwide.

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