Northwest WorldPerks – December, 30 2004

Northwest WorldPerks – December, 30 2004

Who says there are no second chances? The good folks at Northwest Airlines are offering their WorldPerks members a chance to Fly Free Faster — again. This means — for those of you who missed out the last time — 5,000 bonus miles. You only have to do two things: First, register today, then apply, be approved and pay the annual fee on a new WorldPerks Visa Card before Feb. 15. Second, earn just two partner credits with participating WorldPerks partners. For example, you can rent a car, stay at a hotel, dine out, stay in touch with family and friends, shop at 90-plus retailers at the WorldPerks Mall — your everyday activities.

And that’s it, people — 5,000 miles into your account, easy as pie. And this is in addition to the WorldPerks Visa enrollment bonus miles (up to 10,000) and mileage earned for partner activity. So you’re well on your way to Awardville. Members who participated in the Fly Free Faster 2004 promotion may also participate again; however, previous credits earned do not count toward qualification.

To register, log on to You’ll also find links to participating partners and the ever-important terms and conditions.

One final note: Don’t forget to refer your friends — once they apply and use their new WorldPerks Visa, you get 2,500 more miles!

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