The Blogosphere Expands

The Blogosphere Expands

Last issue, we mentioned that Randy has joined the legion of Internet know-it-alls whose “blogs” (Web logs) have been responsible for everything from faulty exit polling to embarrassing CBS News.

Randy’s “Miles Files” can be found at both ( and (, and consists of the “so-called guru’s” latest rants and raves about the world of miles and points. It is but one of a number of blogs migrating onto the Blogs@FlyerTalk section of the world’s largest online frequent flyer community.

Miles-wise surfers, however, know that miles blogs are not necessarily new. “The View from the Wing,” the travel-related blog of the savvy Gary Leff, has been available for more than two years, and can be found at Gary is a longtime contributor to this magazine as well as a respected moderator at FlyerTalk.

And here’s one that almost flew under our radar: For three months, with next to zero fanfare, InterContinental Priority Club has been blogging away with the latest in promotions and bonuses. While we have had nothing but praise for the Priority Club Web site proper, points-hungry members may want to check out the new blog as a streamlined means of finding bonus promotions. Visit to see what we mean.

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