Northwest Introduces "Mile-Zilla"

Northwest Introduces "Mile-Zilla"

Northwest WorldPerks has added to its fall promotion schedule with the introduction of “Mile-Zilla.” Like other popular WorldPerks promotions, such as “Mile-Palooza,” this one allows members to earn points, which are subsequently converted into miles at the end of the promotional period.

Members can earn up to 100,000 miles by flying, using Northwest e-services, booking a WorldVacations package, or using the services of WorldPerks partners.

By way of example, certain connect flights will earn 100 points, certain non-stops will earn 50, booking award travel online will earn 10, and using a partner hotel or car rental agency will earn five points.

Members who earn between 20 and 49 points will earn 1,000 miles, and more points translate to more miles, up to 100,000 miles for 2,500 points or more.

A full table of earning opportunities and conversions can be found online at

To participate in this promotion, members must register before Dec. 31 (be sure you receive NWA email through Jan. 31, 2005) and complete qualifying activities before Jan. 31.

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