Taiwan: JAA/JCB Issue New Credit Card

Taiwan: JAA/JCB Issue New Credit Card

JCB, Taiwan’s Macoto Bank and Japan Asia Airways have announced a strategic alliance resulting in Macoto issuing the JAA/JCB Card. JAA, a subsidiary of Japan Airlines Corporation, selected the JCB brand to launch its first co-branded credit card in Taiwan.

JCB will share marketing opportunities with JAA’s frequent flyer program, and also support Macoto Bank in new markets.

The new Macoto Bank issued JAA/JCB card offers global acceptance, while enabling JAA customers to earn mileage rewards, upgrade awards on JAL Group flights, free hotel accommodation awards, a 10-percent discount for in-flight purchases on JAL Group international flights, and other premiums.

“As of last year, Taiwan ranked second in the number of tourists to Japan,” said Itaru Ogara, Director at JAA Taipei.

Co-branded cards have experienced significant growth in Taiwan during the past five years. Co-branded card products have been developed across many different sectors, including retailers, petrol companies and financial services, and are estimated to account for almost 50 percent of cards on issue. The JAA/JCB partners anticipate issuance of more than 30,000 cards in the first year.

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