Northwest WorldPerks – August, 31 2004

Northwest WorldPerks – August, 31 2004

How much will a coach-class award ticket from Minneapolis to Orlando set you back? Twenty-five thousand miles, right? Not if you book an entire vacation through WorldVacations.

WorldPerks members who book a WorldVacations air and hotel package can use fewer miles for the air portion of their trip when traveling to Florida, Hawaii, Mexico, Costa Rica, Las Vegas, the Caribbean or select European destinations.

WorldPerks members will save 3,000 miles off the normal redemption cost on award tickets to Florida and Las Vegas. For example, a standard coach-class award ticket to Orlando will run just 22,000 miles and a first or business-class award seat can be had for 42,000 miles.

WorldPerks members vacationing in Hawaii, Mexico, Costa Rica or the Caribbean will save 7,000 miles. And redemption rates for tickets between London, Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt or Rome and North and Central America are also reduced by 7,000 miles.

In order to receive these discounted mileage awards, all travel must be booked no later than Dec. 1 and must be completed by May 31, 2005. For more information and to book a WorldVacations package visit or call (877) 658-5035.

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