American Launches Online Mall

American Launches Online Mall

Over the past several years, every major North American frequent flyer program has launched some type of online shopping mall where members can make purchases from brand-name retailers and earn miles — every major program that is, except American AAdvantage.

Now, AAdvantage has joined the fray.

AAdvantage eShopping quietly opened its virtual doors recently. The mall features 50 retail outlets, far fewer than can be found in most other frequent flyer mileage malls (only Continental OnePass’ ShopOnePass has fewer stores), but offers mileage deals that are generally on par with its competitors.

Though AAdvantage eShopping might just be considered middle-of-the-road among frequent flyer malls, it is certainly a welcome addition.

American launched this shopping venture with very little publicity. According to the AAdvantage reps we spoke with, this was done intentionally to allow for a slow ramp-up and a sort of “testing” period. Members can expect to hear much more about the mall, and might even see some special mileage-earning deals, as the back-to-school season approaches.

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