American Launches All-Coach Service: Free Upgrade, Anyone?

American Launches All-Coach Service: Free Upgrade, Anyone?

American has launched what may be the first all-coach service across the Atlantic between Boston and Manchester, England.
An airline spokesman told the Travel Weekly that the idea was to test the market and “give customers what they value.”

The service is on a 757 aircraft, but the plane has not been retrofitted — 22 first-class seats remain. The significance of that detail is that elite-level flyers, who have priority when it comes to seating, will be able to use the larger seats at the same coach price, or, one would imagine, for the same number of miles.

Of course, the service throughout the plane is uniform, but the extra leg and elbowroom might be worth it.

The spokesman said American would likely continue to experiment with the all-coach concept.

If you are headed to Europe, this may be a way to get a first-class award using coach miles. You could then fly one of Europe’s low-cost carriers from Manchester to London or on to other parts of Europe.

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