AirTran Going Global?

AirTran Going Global?

Is it possible that low-fare carrier AirTran (currently firmly enmeshed in the Southeast and along the Atlantic Seaboard), is going international?

It’s not only possible, it’s true … sort of.

Beginning this month, the carrier’s loyalty program, A-Plus Rewards, is implementing a few changes, including the possibility of international travel.

By tweaking its awards for travel on other airlines, A-Plus has established three new award levels: 32 credits earns roundtrip coach travel within the 48 contiguous United States, 50 credits earns roundtrip coach travel between the 48 contiguous United States and Alaska, Hawaii, Canada or Mexico; and 100 credits will take members anywhere else in the world.

There’s more.

These awards earn miles. AirTran purchases the ticket on behalf of the member, so if that member gives AirTran their frequent flyer number for the program of the flown carrier, they’ll earn miles on the trip.

The only restrictions on the awards are that there be no more than one connection within the U.S. and no more than two connections everywhere else. There are no capacity controls — if there’s a coach seat available for sale, AirTran will book it. These awards are only valid on published routes not served by AirTran.

And A-Plus is adding to its elite program, as well.

Elite members are now guaranteed a seat for paid travel on Y fares. They can also transfer credits from their accounts to any other A-Plus member. And for 100 credits, they can obtain an annual companion pass, allowing them to designate a travel companion for a full year on paid and award travel on AirTran. Members may change their companion as often as once a quarter, but the companion cannot accompany them for free on award travel on other airlines.

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