Rapid Rewards Goes Electronic

Rapid Rewards Goes Electronic

As reported earlier, Southwest is making the move to all-electronic awards format. As soon as the 16th credit hits a member’s account, he or she will now receive award notification via email.

To take advantage of this speedier notification method, Rapid Rewards members need to make sure they maintain a primary email address in their Rapid Rewards account. The email address that has been designated to receive Rapid Rewards email updates is separate from the primary email address, so be sure to confirm that a primary email address is in your account. To do so, login to Rapid Rewards online at southwest.com with your membership number and password and enter the primary email address in the “Edit Member Contact Information” section.

A password is necessary to login, so if you don’t have one or forgot yours, you can create a new one instantly at https://www.southwest.com/cgi-bin/updateTravelerAccount?action=buildforgotpasswordform

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