United Mileage Plus – April, 27 2004

United Mileage Plus – April, 27 2004

Mileage Plus members and music lovers alike will appreciate the newly formed partnership between Mileage Plus and Sony Music. The partnership is an industry first, making Mileage Plus the only frequent flyer program to offer music for miles.

For 10,000 miles, members can download 100 of their favorite songs. Songs can be stored on a computer file, downloaded to an MP3 player, or burned to a CD without fear of the RIAA paying a visit.

Entire albums are available for download, but only those priced $9.99 or less. Members can download individual tracks from higher-priced albums.

All redemptions are final. No refunds or exceptions are allowed and all downloads must be made through http://www.mileageplusmusic.com.

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