Best Western Gold Crown Club International – April, 27 2004

Best Western Gold Crown Club International – April, 27 2004

You’ve just settled into your seat and are patiently waiting for the airplane to finish loading, when you glance out the window and see “Joe Bag-Thrower” carelessly tossing around your luggage like it’s an old oil rag. This is likely a scene you’ve witnessed on more than one occasion. Is it any wonder frequent travelers are so often in the market for new luggage?

Gold Crown Club members residing in the United States can now save up to 50 percent or more when purchasing luggage from Samsonite. Members can purchase a Samsonite three-piece luggage set for $100 (normally $227), a four-piece luggage set for $159 (normally $389) or a five-piece set for $259 (normally $659).

These prices are only available on the aforementioned luggage sets, but members will receive a 15-percent discount on any other online purchase. Plus, members will receive 200 bonus points for any purchase that exceeds $100. For more information, call (800) 547-2247, extension 7185, or visit

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