Northwest: Changing the Look of Elite

Northwest: Changing the Look of Elite

Evidently things are a little quiet in Minnesota, so those in charge of the Northwest WorldPerks program have decided to tinker some with the elite program.

WorldPerks members who fly coach-class business fares (B-type) will now earn a 50-percent bonus towards elite qualification. This is in addition to the 50-percent bonus members currently earn for travel on paid First Class, World Business Class and full-coach fares (Y-type).

In addition, Platinum Elite members who are traveling on domestic itineraries can have one companion, who is booked for travel on the same reservation, upgraded to first class at the same time the member is upgraded. Platinum Elite members and their companions traveling on full-coach fares will be eligible for these upgrades at the time their reservation is made.

And last but not least, Platinum Elite members must now make their World Business Class reservations seven days in advance of the planned travel date to request and receive guaranteed confirmed reservations in World Business Class. Previously, these reservations could be made within 48 hours of travel.

Northwest is also offering two promotions geared toward elite members.

Until Feb 28, 2005, each time a member reaches a Platinum Points reward threshold, he or she can choose from a host of rewards, including items such as bonus miles, confirmed upgrades, and discounted WorldPerks travel awards.

And also until Feb 28, 2005, Platinum Elite members traveling on domestic Northwest or Northwest Airlink flights will receive 1,000 bonus miles for any flight segment for which they are eligible to claim WorldPerks miles and are not seated in first-class (if first class seating is available on that aircraft).

Complete details on these program changes are available online or by calling (800) 225-2525.

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