Alaska Adds Umph

Alaska Adds Umph

MVP Gold and MVP customers can now shop for and request Mileage Plan complimentary upgrades at and still receive the lowest fare.

When shopping for flights, members will see either a gold diamond or a half-gold, half-teal diamond next to selected fares. The gold diamond signifies that an immediate upgrade is available for MVP Gold members with the associated fare. The gold and teal diamond means that both MVP Gold and MVP members can attain an immediate upgrade with the selected fare.

Now, if you’re an MVP Gold or MVP member and you only want to see fares that qualify for immediate upgrade, Alaska Air has added two additional shopping paths to its search function. From the Cabin/Fare list choose either “MVP Comp Upgrade Fares” or “Gold Comp Upgrade Fares.” These new shopping paths will provide the lowest available fares that still qualify for an immediate upgrade at the time of purchase.

Of course, MVP Gold or MVP customers can still request an upgrade on fares that do not qualify for an immediate upgrade and on flights that do not have upgrade seats available. This request will be automatically processed according to the upgrade requirements of the customer’s tier status.

Customers can monitor this request by accessing the “View/Change a Reservation” feature online.

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