Hawaiian Airlines HawaiianMiles – January, 26 2004

Hawaiian Airlines HawaiianMiles – January, 26 2004

HawaiianMiles members must have it pretty good — membership in this program implies you either a) get to the islands quite often or b) reside there. But even if you don’t like islands, and have no intention of becoming a HawaiianMiles member, here are several incentives that might make you change your mind.

  • HawaiianMiles members are entitled to free or discounted computer software, and nothing beats free.
  • Even for members who are self-proclaimed do-it-yourselfers, there may be a time when you do actually need some help. If that situation ever arises, you’ll be happy that you used your membership to get free advice from Home Depot through their Home Improvement 1-2-3 software.
  • After a hard day of home improving, members might want a nice meal, and with The Woman’s Day Cookbook software, a rewarding recipe is only a click away.
  • If you’re an aspiring origamist, then request a free copy of Discovering Origami and learn to fold paper into more than just a paper airplane.
  • Or expand your knowledge with your free copy of the Webster’s Millennium Encyclopedia.

    For a more complete description of the software and to see what other discounts HawaiianMiles membership brings, visit http://www.hawaiianair.com.

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