Germany: Miles & More Welcomes New Partners

Germany: Miles & More Welcomes New Partners

Lufthansa’s Miles & More has been busy of late, particularly in the partnership department. Though the proposed partnership with Shanghai Airlines has been postponed to March, German domestic travelers may have noticed that Denim Airlines has become an accrual partner with the program. And flights on Styrian Spirit, which once earned only award miles, now earn status miles as well.

In addition, both the Leading Hotels of the World and Althoff Hotels and Residences have partnered up with Miles & More. Amidst all this chumming-up, though, at least one partnership has ended: Miles & More members will only be able to accrue miles or book awards on Air Littoral through Jan. 31 for flights taken before July 31.

The program itself noted that, beginning this year, Senator upgrade vouchers (issued for every 50,000 award miles accrued) are now only available in electronic form (eVoucher) but no longer expire.

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