Diners Club Club Rewards – November, 24 2003

Diners Club Club Rewards – November, 24 2003

Club Rewards members with points to burn, here’s a lighter for you.

Diners Club has introduced a new award option, called the Personalized Rewards program. Members with at least 100,000 points in their account are now only limited by their imagination. Just conjure up your dream reward, call Club Rewards, and they’ll tell you how many points you’ll need to cash in to fulfill that dream.

Several members have already created personalized awards, including a dogsled trip across Alaska, a new Chevrolet Suburban, college tuition, Rolling Stones concert tickets, a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, and yes, even liposuction.

Let your imagination run wild, then call Club Rewards at (800) 234-4034 to see how many points are required to make your dream a reality.

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