Russia: Aeroflot Introduces Children's Program

Russia: Aeroflot Introduces Children's Program

Aeroflot Russian Airlines has launched a new loyalty program for children aged two to 12 — Aeroflot Bonus Junior.

The program operates under the usual Aeroflot terms and conditions, with some special regulations.

To register in the Aeroflot Bonus Junior program, an application form can be submitted online at The child’s passport data (birth certificate, passport or other document) and parents’ passport details are required for enrollment. A temporary membership card with an account number can be printed out immediately, and a welcome kit will be mailed.

Juniors may earn and redeem points according to Aeroflot Bonus rules. Awards are redeemed by filling in the standard Award Request form, and sending it along with a copy of the child’s and parents’ documents. Award transfer is not permitted in Aeroflot Bonus Junior program.

Upon reaching the age of 12, the child’s membership number is automatically transferred into a regular account.

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