China Adds New Elite Level

China Adds New Elite Level

China Airlines’ Dynasty Flyer program has added a new top tier to its elite levels. And when China Airlines says elite, they mean it. Only 70 of the estimated 1 million Dynasty Flyer members qualify for the new level, called “Paragon.”

To qualify, members must earn 200,000 miles, including six full-fare flights in First Class or Dynasty Class, or fly 60 full-fare flights in First Class or Business Class.

Membership lasts for two years, during which time the member can re-qualify at the same level.

Among the benefits: New members receive 10,000 upgrade miles as well as a gift; an extra 20 percent in incentive mileage for each flight; Gold membership for the individual’s spouse; access to airport VIP Lounges with up to two accompanying guests; and two extra pieces of baggage of up to 32 kg. each on China Airlines flights to/from the United States and Canada, or up to 20 kg. of free baggage to/from other regions.

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