American Express UK Membership Rewards

American Express UK Membership Rewards

Whether you are short on ideas for presents or if you’re planning a Christmas party, the American Express UK Membership Rewards Christmas Extravaganza award will lessen some of your holiday-season stress.

The Christmas Extravaganza from Great Estates is available for 46,180 points and includes two bottles of each of the following: Champagne Gobillard from Grand Reserve, Red Bordeaux from St. Emilion Grand Cru, White Burgundy from Damaine de la Poulette, N.Z. Sauvignon from Nautilus and Ozzie Red from Blockbusting Shiraz. In addition, you will receive one bottle of Dessert Wine from Sauternes and one bottle of Crusted Port from Churchills.

This award would be great for gifts around the office or the family, and if ordered by Dec. 2, you will have them in time for Christmas delivery.

To order the Christmas Extravaganza, call 01273 863 863 and mention promotion code 103536.

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