Computer Glitch Gremlins Strike at Continental

Computer Glitch Gremlins Strike at Continental

It seems that Kellogg’s and American AAdvantage aren’t alone when it comes to mileage boo-boos.

Last April, the cereal giant got a little egg on its face when a glitch in its system incorrectly notified hundreds of AAdvantage members they’d won 25,000 miles through an online sweepstakes.

It seems that whatever gremlins were behind that fluke made the trip from Battle Creek, Mich., to Houston in September.

Continental and MasterCard had teamed up to provide an online “Spin and Play” game, which awarded 250 miles to members just for playing.

The problem? Zeroes. Too many of them.

For some reason, the airline upped the bonus one thousand times. Hundreds of players suddenly found themselves 250,000 miles richer. And since the game could be played more than once, some found their balances increased by a million miles or more.

The joy was short-lived, however. By the next week, Continental was deleting the erroneously awarded miles.

“We certainly apologize in case there was any misunderstanding,” said Continental spokesman David Messing.

Needless to say, affected members weren’t happy. Some had used their newfound wealth to book first class international trips for friends and family.

On, the grousing reached a fever pitch, though the general reaction was probably best summed up by this particularly pithy poster: “!#@$%@#$ @!#% $#W%&@%$ @$#!”

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