US Airways Dividend Miles – August, 29 2003

US Airways Dividend Miles – August, 29 2003

In the past, US Airways has teamed up with Space Adventures to offer its “Zero Gravity” awards. Once again, the two have teamed up, but the award is no longer a chance to walk like an astronaut — it’s to be an astronaut!

Absurd as it sounds, it is now possible to cash in your Dividend Miles for a trip to space. For a mere 10,000,000 miles, you will board a sub-orbital flight headed to the International Space Station. Before heading towards the moon, you must complete an intense four-day training session as well as health screenings.

Don’t worry if you don’t have 10 million Dividend Miles just yet — the Reusable Launch Vehicle is still in development. However, Space Adventures anticipates space tourism flights will begin between 2003 and 2005.

In the meantime, Space Adventures offers a Journey to the Edge of Space. For 250,000 miles plus $8,000, you will board a MiG-25 which takes you high enough to view a horizon 715 miles across. You’ll see the earth’s curvature as well as travel at Mach 2.5. Both of the packages include a two-night stay at one of Moscow’s finest hotels plus your own flightsuit and a video of your journey.

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