United Mileage Plus + Sprint = Free Ticket

United Mileage Plus + Sprint = Free Ticket

Sprint continues to…well…sprint into the miles and points game.

Though they’ve already made great strides (particularly since rival MCI has been losing partners faster than a greased pig at a square dance), the bonuses continue to come.

United Mileage Plus members can now earn up to 25,000 miles (the cost of a domestic roundtrip award in economy) when signing up for Sprint services. Sign up for local and long distance service for 10,000 miles, purchase and activate two new lines of wireless PCS service for another 10,000 miles, and receive a 5,000-mile bonus for doing both. The offer is only good through Sept. 15, so don’t delay.

Call (866) 845-7075 or visit online at http://www.sprint.com/25kua.

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