KLM AirCares Helps Fight Tuberculosis in Tanzania

KLM AirCares Helps Fight Tuberculosis in Tanzania

While the world reels from the recent SARS epidemic, there is another lung disease that kills someone every 15 seconds: tuberculosis. During the coming three months, donations to KLM AirCares will be used to support a project in Tanzania to trace and treat people with tuberculosis.

The KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation is active around the globe and currently treats over 60,000 TB patients in Tanzania. With the right medication, patients can be fully cured of this infectious disease. This requires long-term, disciplined treatment and intensive supervision. And this is where KNCV comes in, advising local Tanzanian clinics and helping the government in its own program to seek out and combat the illness.

As a Flying Dutchman member, you can donate miles that will be used to enable KNCV staff to travel to Tanzania. Go to KLM’s Web site and check under the “Spending Miles” link to find out how.

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