OnePerksMiles or SkyPassWorld

OnePerksMiles or SkyPassWorld

It was supposed to be the biggest airline program tie-up in history. So what’s happened to the Continental-Delta-Northwest partnership?

The three-way alliance, originally proposed last year and finally approved by the Department of Transportation early this year, was supposed to allow members of the OnePass, SkyMiles and WorldPerks programs to enjoy reciprocal perks on all three airlines.

But since the government gave its blessing, we’ve heard precious little.

Industry analysts point to the enormous complexities involved. In essence, three huge companies with gigantic route systems and conflicting sets of rules are trying to get on the same page. It will (more) take time.

Our sources are quick to tell us that all three airlines are working feverishly to “get the deal done.” They also point out that with the number of partners and alliances involved, many others are involved.

As news develops, we’ll bring it to you. In the meantime, hang in there.

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