Tarom Romanian Ups the Ante

Tarom Romanian Ups the Ante

Tarom Romanian Smart Miles has recently increased flight-earning ability for its members. As of April, Smart Miles members earn 250 percent of miles flown on C-class tickets (Business), 200 percent on D- and all other Business-class tickets, 150 percent on S- and Y-class tickets (Economy), and 100 percent on M-class tickets (Economy). All other Economy-class fares earn 75 percent.

On domestic flights, C-class earns 500 miles, S-class earns 350 miles, Y-class earns 300 miles and all other economy tickets earn 270 miles.

“Taking into account that the number of partnerships we have is still small, we increased the credits on all classes and routes,” said Teodora Codrea, a spokeswoman for the airline. “This way, after only one Business-class intercontinental roundtrip or five continental round trips, a member can get a free ticket on European flights.”

Details about these new credits are available at http://www.tarom.ro.

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