Never Too Young

Never Too Young

On March 27, BWIA West Indies Airways introduced a unique benefit to its youngest passengers — Bwee Babies.

If you’re jetting to or around the Caribbean with a child under the age of two, this first-ever program offers a variety of perks, including spare diapers and bottle-warming services. Families traveling with children get first dibs on bulkhead seats, as well as any empty seats. Flight attendants will assume baby-sitting duties should mom or dad need to use the restroom. And in-flight meals can be staggered, letting you pay undivided attention to your child’s feeding, without letting your own dinner go cold.

And yes — there are miles involved. Children who qualify can sign up for Bwee Miles and will earn triple miles on their inaugural flight. After that, they can continue to earn miles (keeping in mind that children under two with a purchased seat pay half a normal fare, and thus earn half the normal miles).

For more information, call 1-800 JET BWIA (538-2942).

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